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The VFX Cloud is building a global, decentralized VFX network. This network allows us to cater uniquely to each individual project. We build custom teams comprising of top artists who specialize in the specific skill required for each project. Unlike other companies, who are limited to the talent pool from a particular geographical region, our teams can include award winning, and industry leading, artists from all over the world.

To take advantage of various government film production incentive programs, The VFX Cloud also has the ability to source leading artists from specific regions and help productions achieve additional cost saving benefits. As the landscape of various incentive programs is constantly changing, The VFX Cloud can easily adapt, and build appropriate teams to get our clients the best global talent that their project deserves at an unbeatable cost. We work with our clients at all stages of production whether it's completing small last minute cleanup tasks, large feature film VFX packages, studio outsourcing, or talent recruiting.


Along with quality, security and privacy of our clients’ assets are of great concern. The VFX Cloud has developed unique tracking software to monitor the movement and distribution of each VFX task. At the core of this software is a custom Aspera integration which allows us to transfer confidential client data with complete end-to-end encryption. For projects that require a higher level of security, we offer encrypted remote cloud-based workstations. This ensures that our client's data never has to leave our secure servers.

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